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The fear and the lack of will to write a college assignment are pretty common issues among students. And it’s natural, as assignments take much time, cause stress, and often are not worth it grade-wise in the end. But still, the task needs to be done and you can’t avoid it. Unless you want to fail out of college, of course.

That’s why we made a list of useful tips on how to overcome your unwillingness to write an essay as well as some general advice on how to avoid stress.


Students procrastinate way too much. It often results in the deadline being the next day. And that’s one of the most common causes of stress. Because trying to do an assignment in the last hours can’t be good for your psychological health. But how to cope with everything at once, be it college chores, homework, or personal life?

The answer is simple – plan ahead. You simply need to write down everything that needs to be done and all the dates. Think about how much time every chore needs thoroughly and try to allocate some additional 5-10 minutes for each. It will ensure that everything is done right and is double-checked, without consuming too much extra time.

Also, what most of us forget about is taking breaks and sleeping healthy. Having a rest, that is. Overworking will only increase the stress and make you feel even more uncomfortable. Allocate at least 7 hours for sleeping and have 15-30 minute breaks every 2-3 hours during study sessions when possible. It will keep your mind fresh and ready to return to work.

Ask for Help

It’s natural to have circumstances that leave you with no time for homework. We’re all humans after all. But many students suffer too much simply because they’re too shy or afraid to ask for help. It can be problematic, everyone understands that. But there are still many ways to receive help. Some may involve talking to other people while others only need you to use the internet.

Talk to your teachers

Explain the situation and try to convince them that you need additional time. Teachers are humans too, they can hear you. Just be honest and tell everything as it is. Most of them will understand your situation and postpone the deadline. Also, it will leave a good impression about you, as you didn’t simply ignore the task, but tried to solve it and showed respect by explaining everything.

Hire a writer

There are many online services that offer help with essays. Some may professionally edit them, while others can write assignments from scratch. Site EssayPro review can be really useful when deciding which service to choose. Sometimes, life doesn’t give you a choice, so don’t be ashamed to get professional help and use it to the fullest.

Use available tools

Countless platforms and apps exist with the only purpose – to aid students in writing the best essays. Some may check your text for readability and suggest adjusting sentences to smaller ones for example. Others read your text automatically in real-time and give suggestions and corrections on typos, grammar, word choice, and so on. We’re living in the age of information, after all.

Talk to friends

Ask your friends or classmates about what hardships they ran into, what is relatively easy, and how to cope with writing in general? They may have some really interesting and useful techniques known only to them. Communicating with other people can also motivate you and boost your confidence.

Take It Easy

Don’t think of an assignment as a terrible homework task that needs to be done on a certain date. Of course, it will always be nerve-racking with such an attitude. Just try to think of it as more of a story that you can come up with and write down. It just needs to be structured in a certain way and obey a few simple rules.

Think of it as a chance to express some of your thoughts that could be relevant to the topic. It’s a chance to share your opinion in written form. That way, it doesn’t seem so frightening, right? Taking things easy will always free your mind from negative thoughts and put that mind power to good use.

Don’t Push Yourself

Set realistic goals. Most of us aren’t professional writers and won’t achieve that level of writing. Try to realize what you can achieve and what you cannot. The most basic goals everyone can certainly achieve are getting a task done in time and following the instructions. Start from such simple things you can do easily.

There’s no need to impress everyone with your writing. Especially if you know that your skills won’t allow you to. Don’t try to be perfect, just do the best you can under the circumstances and you will achieve a good result.

Challenge Yourself

Overcoming fears and hardships is the way to progress. Right, not all of us have the willpower to do so. But eventually, everyone will face a situation when the only way to succeed is to fight yourself. So it’s better to come prepared. Think of your strong points, they are the foundation of confidence. Using them right will always keep you motivated and satisfied with the skills you have.

But don’t stop at that. The weak sides are even more important. Reflect and find them so that you can work through them and eventually your weaknesses into strong points, too. Still, remember about not pushing yourself too hard. Take your time, have breaks when needed, and always keep a mindful approach.

Final Words

Nobody says writing assignments is easy. But being a hard task doesn’t mean being an impossible one. It just needs a different approach and some motivation. Remember, mistakes are your friends and need to be learned from. Don’t let them break you. Keep positive thoughts running through your mind at all times, be confident in your skills and continue working on yourself.