One of the most important components of a college application is the application essay which students are required to submit with their admission request. However, most students fail to impress the admission officers because they do not understand what the officers are really looking for in an application.

To begin with, college essays are quite different from academic essays. These write-ups require students to recount their life experiences and depict how they were shaped by them. If you step into the shoes of an admission officer and for once, think about the amount of effort they put in reading a multitude of college application essays and then you would understand why is it so hard to impress these people.

These personnel not only assess your grades and academic achievements but also want to know you personally. College essays must be crafted in exactly the ways which show your thoughtful and insightful encounters in life.

Though many students try to write college essays on their own, some of them find smarter ways to help them finish this job. These students take help from websites and apps such as which help them in creating impressive college essays.

If you are a student who is trying to write a compelling college essay on your own, you can benefit from some useful tips listed below.

Do Not Reiterate Academic Achievements

First off, when writing a college essay, you need to understand that this is not the place for reiterating and repetitively recounting your academic achievements. There are other parts of an application dedicated for mentioning them. Instead, what you should be mentioning here are the extracurricular activities or any of your life’s experiences which you have had outside of your school and academic life.

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Additionally, refrain from using a humorous tone or trying to crack lame jokes. This might not sit well with the people reading your essay and you might come across as a non-serious individual

Reflect On Your Experiences

Secondly, what you need to understand is that the college essay is an opportunity for you to build an image for yourself in the eyes of Admission officers. The admission officers are truly looking for someone who will add value to their class once admitted. Thus, grab this opportunity and build an image of yourself based on your experiences.

Now, you do not have to start making up fictitious stories but you could always reflect on the experiences or moments you have chosen to share in your college application. In your reflections, you can always mention how the whole experience impacted you as a person and helped you grow personally.

Stay True to Yourself

So many times, students make the mistake of either adding false stories, glorifying a subject they dislike, praising the college itself or stuffing too much of high-end vocabulary words. All such tactics fall flat on the admission officers’ heads and the purpose of getting to know the true you get lost. In order to remain true to yourself and really strike a chord with the officials, use simple language.

Do not try to sound too bookish and keep the stories real. You do not need to have a very impressive travel history or done a praiseworthy outstanding deed. All you need to mention are experiences true to you and how they shaped you as a person in the simplest language to form a connection with the reader. This will help them see past your academic abilities even if your grades are low. Your intent must be to help them see through you by reading your words and gauge how you will be able to add value to their college.

Once you touch the right chords, there is no stopping you. Follow the tips mentioned above and find your way into your favorite college as swiftly as a breeze!