Computer games may successfully replace full-fledged textbooks in a variety of disciplines, including history. Today they are a great form of entertainment or a significant addition to your favorite hobby. The same goes for historical games that are widely available on the PC. There are projects of various genres, with different levels of chronological authenticity. These contests will take you to the atmosphere of the past and leave pleasant impressions.

We are here to tell you about the most interesting historical games of all genres, selecting projects with maximum objectivity. Also, view the best medieval games in which fiction is present but limited. They perfectly convey the atmosphere of the era due to a believable demonstration of the way of life and traditions. Our 2020 game list includes a selection of the best history games based on real past events.

Assassin’s Creed Series

Our list begins with the popular game that is far from being chronological. It’s hard to pass up Assassin’s Creed, a stealth action-adventure from Ubisoft. The protagonist, Desmond Miles, uses the “Animus.” A player can undergo his ancestor’s experience in this game. Throughout the game, he learns the origins of the confrontation between the ancient brotherhood of assassins and Templars. Technically the developers kept their promise – you will not be bored.

Battlefield 1

Games about the Second World War continue to be released, but there are not so many worthy projects in the setting of the First World War. Battlefield 1 is one of them. The developers managed to show all the horrors of one of the bloodiest and most violent conflicts of the twentieth century, giving players authentic weapons and equipment. The single-player campaign received mixed reviews, but the multiplayer battles are on top.

World of Tanks

To the delight of “tankers” in 2014, World of Tanks has historical battles that take place in the “Standard battle,” “Counter battle,” and “Assault” modes. The key difference between ancient combats is that players can only use the technique that was used in a real battle. Naturally, the scenarios correspond to historical fights.

Empire Total War

Total War games are a subtle combination of turn-based global strategy with tactical battles. At the beginning of the Empire, with the ability to track the fate of various empires from their founding stage, you can see the process of forming coalitions, luxurious weddings, inspired by the army’s rapid victories. However, as soon as the conflict between the empires reaches its climax, your function in the game will change: you will take an active part.

Mount & Blade

A rare thing among the best history games is role-playing. Mount & Blade is almost the only game in which you can put on a full set of armor, get on a horse, and seek adventure. The main character, a tiny cog in the fictional world of Calradius, seeks to find his place in it. Running errands for the lord soon gets boring, and the curious mind begins to take action. Here you make a small fortune in trade, act as a parliamentarian, gather loyal vassals around you, and meet noble ladies.

Call of duty

Everyone knows this series of games; developers produce more and more new parts every year, constantly raising the bar for the entire gaming industry. Those who are familiar with their first creations will probably tell you that nothing that followed was the same. Improved graphics, changed war theaters, but none of the games even came close to the drive that the first part of the series dedicated to World War II offered. Call of Duty in terms of popularity and level of development is the Total War of the world of shooters.


The game has several modes. The first campaign is classic – military, the second is peaceful. Both of them can be considered as a long training campaign because from mission to mission, different elements of the game are added: new buildings, troops, and maps become available. This is the foundation of most war games, strategy in particular, and Stronghold is nothing more than a tactical strategy.

Rome Total War

The theme of Ancient Rome and antiquity has long been in the air. The era seems to be interesting, and the topic is rich. Rome: Total War is not just a worthy successor to the work of its great ancestors. A new model of a crusade, an improved battle scheme, a great strategic and economic component — all these have turned the project into a leader of the genre. This game allows everyone to rewrite the history of the Ancient world and implement almost any tactics and strategies.


The Saboteur revolves around espionage during World War II – it reveals the story of car mechanic Sean Devlin, who becomes the head of the French Resistance movement. The game is a mix of Assassin’s Creed (parkour elements), Grand Theft Auto (open world), and Just Cause (destructible objects). The difficult task of liberating the occupied areas of Paris lies on the gamer’s shoulders. Gradually, the original dark black-and-white picture will change to a color image.


Sid Meyer’s name is familiar to almost every gamer, and the reason for this is the turn-based strategies of the Civilization series. Where else can you take responsibility for the fate of an entire civilization, feel all the joys and sorrows that humanity has gone through, and rewrite history in your way? You can play for the Vikings, for independent Ethiopia, or the refined East. The goal is the same every time — to take care of your civilization, bypass your neighbors, and achieve world domination.

Historical games tell about an important past event or carefully reproduce it. Many of these games are dedicated to various military conflicts from the history of mankind and offer players to take the helm of an army to play a particular historical episode in their way. Such games are also simulators and action games that offer players a genuine experience. They have multiplayer modes that allow gamers to fight each other. Would you like to try games based on real historical events?