This 29th of October the collaboration between the super-acclaimed group BTS and the famous singer Charlie Puth was announced through the organizers of the MGA 2018. This new collaboration will be seen for the first time in the South Korean MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards that will be held in the coming days. One representative stated: “BTS and American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth is preparing for a collaborative performance at MGA 2018”.

The MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards will be held at the Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon, South Korea, just outside of Seoul, preceding Charlie Puth’s two concerts at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on November 7 and 8. This big event will take place more specifically on November 6th and will be a worldwide event and one of the most outstanding events in the BTS boys’ career.
This news comes from old rumors, when the American singer in 2017, liked the cover of Jungkook’s hit “We Don’t Talk Anymore” on Twitter, and later wrote: “I really like BTS music”, declaring himself fans of the Korean group and waking up the reaction of the group that answered: “We like Charlie Puth’s music very much. No doubt they became great virtual friends and now we can enjoy a great collaboration.