Extravagant fountains, flashing neon lights, music, and, above all, the unmistakable whir of slot machines. For most of us, these are the first things that come to mind when we picture a casino. As appealing as the prospect of indulging in such opulence may be, energy awareness is luckily increasing, not only among the visitors of such places but also among their owners. Consequently, Canadian online casinos are becoming more and more popular due to their way higher degree of environmental friendliness.

If you’ve never thought about the massive amounts of energy and water that can flow into running a land-based casino, give it a try, and you will be amazed. The air-conditioning alone can cost more energy than three small villages could consume. Presently, both the visitors and the holders of such places are beginning to pay more attention to the possible damages that running a casino the traditional way can cause to the environment. Fortunately, the Canadian gambling industry started to look for sustainable solutions quite a while ago, and the most effective of them were applied primarily within the online gaming sector, a branch significantly greener than the land-based gaming venues.

A good example thereof is a partnership that dates back to 2015. That year, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission teamed up with a popular green energy provider. As part of their deal, the gaming institution let the provider operate a part of its gambling websites, using only pollution-free electricity. Needless to say, the resulting reduction of consumption was acknowledged as a big success, especially by those who play casino games.

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starfishmonkey0 (CC0), Pixabay

As it happens, from the two main branches of the Canadian gambling industry, on-land and online, the latter is doubtlessly the ‘greener’ one. Irrespective of the number of servers needed to store all the appealing games, online gambling is always the more environmental-friendly option of the two. Not only do online casinos provide their players with a wider variety of games than their brick-and-mortar counterparts, but they also help their visitors cut down on travel costs, and, implicitly, on aircraft emissions. As odd as it may seem, playing online casino games is a greener activity than spending time at an offline casino.

Yet there is still some improvement to expect from the latter as well. There are several ways in which casinos operator companies are trying to make their land-based venues more environment-friendly. In the past few years, gambling businesses have started to implement innovative green ideas successfully. Canada’s ground-casinos have already started and will continue to do their best to maximize airflow, use Eco lightning and solar heating systems. While we wait for such venues to strongly spread across the country, we can rejoice in the idea that online games are always at our disposal should we ever want to simultaneously have fun and be green.