When you start digging on which site to enjoy poker, a lot has to be considered. Things like licensing and variety are two of the fundamentals, but what lies beyond that?

Let’s find out.

Qualities of an exceptional poker app

Compatible devices

Software applications are designed to fit specific platforms, and these should be your first point of focus. And the big question is, is the poker app compatible with my phone, tablet, or laptop? If yes, is the answer, then go ahead and get that app. If you enjoy a game on your TV screen, get one that is compatible with your TV.

Payment channels

Before we even talk about money, are you in it for an extra buck earned in an investment, or are you in it for fun? If you do not mind getting an incentive, then check out the options at your disposal for transactions. As a rule of thumb, the more, the better.

Variety of games

There are so many poker games, and an online poker app that gives you all these options is the best choice you should go with. With such an app, you will no get bored by the monotony of indulging in only one game. Instead, you will switch them up within the application, which is very convenient.

A close Community

Most poker apps today come with a very interconnected web of players and fans all over the world. The more comprehensive the network, the more interesting the application. If people can share their experiences and you get to watch each other playing virtually, it just creates a fascinating addition to the game that makes it a masterpiece.

Exceptional Customer Support

Amicable customer support is also vital in an excellent poke app. It would be best if you had a team at your beck and call to help you sort any issue you might be having. They must be knowledgable and equipped to answer questions on everything from technical, social, and other businesses related to the application. One more thing is that they should respond to your query just as fast as you raise it.

How to get a poker app

Wondering how you get a poker app with the qualities named above? The secret is doing what we are about to cover, so read on.

Do your research

Doing proper research is all it takes to get you a good poker app to use. Start by a simple Google search, then proceed to click on some of the review articles you find. Also, head to sites that people give reviews and peruse all the forums you find on the pages. The information you will gather here will shed light on what you might be choosing.

As you do your research, get to understand a thing or two about the legality of using these apps, their licenses, and certification.

Make a list

While you go on with your research, be sure to be jotting down the apps that appeal to you. Creating a list is good since it gives you some options to get reading on. This list can contain anything from two to ten options. It depends on the time you have at hand to do a thorough search. If you have enough, add some more.

Select one. Or two!

With a list with all the apps you see potential in, you should cancel some from the list remaining with a few after the evaluation. If this number exceeds five, you should narrow it down, but do not dispose of this list jut yet; you might have to revisit it later on. That said, select on and go with it. But who said you could not have two apps? Select two then!


After the selection, head to the online stores and get your application. Some apps with extra features have paid versions while some come for free, and this is something you must have uncovered while you are doing your search if you are in it to get a free app. Then your list will include apps that are just that- free. Regardless, sometimes the paid options have more options than the free ones, and you may like that. All in all, if you like it, download it, and if it is for sale, buy it.

Start playing

Since you have downloaded your poker app, there is nothing left but for you to get exploring and start playing. Please take a closer look at the application, check out the variety, try the games, test the responsiveness, and even contact the customer care and see their responsiveness. This is the time you test all that theory you read during your research. If you are lucky, all that you read will be confirmed this time.

If the reviews were exaggerated, which they are sometimes, revisit your list and get another app. This is why you mustn’t dispose of it the first time.

Leave a review

After experiencing the app’s games, why not do the creators a service and leave a review behind. Be as honest and candid as possible so that you can help the next person looking into a poker app like what you have used. If the review is positive, leave as it, but it is a negative one, give suggestions about what can make it better. Game developers find these reviews very helpful as they try to make your gaming experience better with every update.


Getting a good poker app to use is very straightforward, as explained above. Indeed you may simply head straight to the online stores and get the first app you see, but this is like walking to unchartered territories blinded. And do you want to be this person? We bet not! That’s why the formula above will help you get the best app not to have to keep skipping app to app.

That said, we do hope you find the best poker app to match your desires and have fun while you are at it.