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by lildedprinxez
Jun 1st, '07, 06:10
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Topic: Any Favorite songs or ost from dramas?
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ahnyeong haseyo!! so i really love the OST of GOONG...especially the song Perhaps love by HOwl..and i also like the OST from Full House..I think i Love you... i do not know so many ost bcuz i just started to get interested to them is when i watched goong and thats the first tym i got interested in K...
by lildedprinxez
Jun 1st, '07, 05:19
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Vote for BEST KISSING scenes in Kdramas
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The Best kissing scene of all...


the kissing between Eun-hye and JooJi-hoon...was the best among the other Kdramas i've ever watched... :wub:

There is no other kissing scenes the will beat this one>>>
by lildedprinxez
May 30th, '07, 07:48
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Topic: Which couple do you like most?
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Best couple....

ahneyong haseyo?!?!

well i am very sorry but for me i choose...
JO JI-HOON and YUN EUN-HYE... :wub:
>>>>sorry guys bcuz i did not choose anything from the list hehehe..
by lildedprinxez
May 30th, '07, 07:39
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The Best Kdramas...

10 Goong ----------This is my favorite among kdramas..!
9 Full House
9 .5 My Girl
8 My name is kim sam soon
8.5 Jewel in the Palace
7 Stairway to heaven
7.5 Something about 1%
6 My sassy Girl Chunyang
6.5 All About Eve
by lildedprinxez
May 30th, '07, 07:12
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Topic: Korean HYD
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its a very bad idea!!!

For me twice is enough....there is already 2 versions of hana from taiwan(meteor garden) and the other one from japan (hana Yori Dango)...for me i guess its a bad idea that there will be another version and this tym is from korea..gosh! :crazy: but if it will be possible...i would like Yun...
by lildedprinxez
May 8th, '07, 09:24
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: lee ji hoon & joo ji hoon, look alike or not ?
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Lee Ji-Hoon and Joo Ji-Hoon are similar with each other!!!

Lee Ji-Hoon is so Handsome,when he smile..gwabe..kinikilig ako! :wub: ..ol i can say is that his so charming and much...!!!on the other hand..Prince Gian..or Joo Ji-Hoon..his so Handsome also gosh...Lee and him was so look a like..when i first seen lee at the interview for the premier...