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by Djahane
May 4th, '10, 03:53
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Tumbling
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hazelkenro wrote:this series was really good yeah ayt anyways us there any have responsible for subbing this?
lullabye wrote:Giri Giri, I think, is going to sub this one. They had tentatively claimed it back in February.
by Djahane
Nov 3rd, '09, 20:34
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Boy bullies Girl and then fall in love with her.
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Hana Yori Dango... You can find Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese version of the story.
There are Full House and Goong, too.
by Djahane
Jun 26th, '09, 01:36
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Topic: Wow, Michael Jackson Dead!
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I wasn't a big fan either. But he had so much talent, and 50 is way too young to die.
RIP, Michael.
by Djahane
Apr 19th, '09, 14:21
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Topic: The Best Drama of US Television
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kuro570 wrote:I had no clue they aired American tv shows in Europe lol
Of course they do.
Actually, in France we can see more american tv dramas and movies than french ones. And it's a good thing, because I must admit that french tv sucks lol. :-(

My favourite is House M.D., I just love that guy ^^
by Djahane
Nov 22nd, '08, 15:31
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Here's my top5 :

1 - 9 end 2 outs
2 - Hong Gil Dong
3 - Iljimae
4 - Capital Scandal
5 - Coffee Prince
by Djahane
Aug 22nd, '08, 15:09
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Topic: D-Addicts Members' TOP 30 Favorite Korean Dramas - Vote Now!
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- 9 end 2 outs
- Hong Gil Dong
- Capital Scandal
- Coffee Prince
- Who are you?

My favorites.
by Djahane
Jan 8th, '08, 12:19
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Topic: American TV Series ~ What do you think about it?
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I don't watch a lot of american tv shows...
I don't like how they usually wait for the show to lose interest, and of course viewers after some seasons, to make an usually dashed off end.
But some of them are enjoyable, I must admit ^^
Maybe "House" the most. Love that guy lol
by Djahane
Dec 23rd, '07, 21:45
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Topic: [poll] Who is your perfect ikemen love? (QUIZ)
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Yorokobi wrote:Idem ???
what does this mean?
Ah lol

French word, I thought english spoken people used it too :p

It means "me too" or "the same" ;)
by Djahane
Dec 23rd, '07, 18:25
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Topic: [poll] Who is your perfect ikemen love? (QUIZ)
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mingming96 wrote:mizobata junpei for me
i don't even know much about him. :D
Idem lol
i want toma.
Idem, definitely :lol
by Djahane
Dec 8th, '07, 19:58
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Topic: If you can date one korean actor, who would it be?
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Lee Jung Jin :wub:
by Djahane
Sep 26th, '07, 11:57
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Topic: Worst J-drama Ever! (*spoilers*)
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no one mention 14 sai no blues *just yet?* the acting riddiculous, the story kinda pointless, and the most important point is TEGOSHI YUYA FREAKED ME OUT he can't act and yet he got the main role Hum... There's no "14 sai no blues". It's "15 sai no blues", or "14 sai no Hah...