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by Kenitai
Nov 22nd, '13, 19:13
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Topic: Best Taiga Drama of All Time (Round 1 - Preliminary)
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I find it hard believe that MUSASHI(2003) in not in that list, or barely even mentioned. *facepalm* :glare: What's this world coming to? :P
by Kenitai
Dec 8th, '11, 00:52
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Topic: Hana no Ran question (1994 Taiga drama)
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Hana no Ran question (1994 Taiga drama)

Hello, I've just been wondering about this drama since I found it on samurai-archive wiki. I've searched for it on for a torrent, but couldn't find one. I suppose it doesn't exist, and the only close match I found was 'Ooku Hana no Ran', but that's a totally different drama. Is it avai...
by Kenitai
Sep 16th, '09, 15:22
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Topic: RECOMMENDED/FAVORITE JDRAMAS (ask for suggestions here)
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Recommend me some good late 80's - early 90's drama

I'm looking for some good old Japanese drama's. It's hard to look them up by year and which ones are great.

Could anyone recommend me some late 80's- early 90's series?
by Kenitai
Sep 13th, '09, 18:38
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Topic: Japanese drama ratings?
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Japanese drama ratings?

I wanted to find the answers by Search, but since it is now disabled... How do the ratings go in Japanese drama series? Usually I see ratings nearly topping until 20, others beneath 10. I'm a bit confused. Do different series genres have different ratings? or regions have different ratings? I ask th...