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by briancharliee
Jan 7th, '08, 17:43
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Topic: Why Asian Women Don't Date Asian Men
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taiwanesebrothaz rightly said. Though money is still the issue in relationship but not th e culture as I know.
by briancharliee
Jan 7th, '08, 17:34
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He Likes Girls Who are : Tender In Personality And Caring .

How many he get till now ?
by briancharliee
Jan 3rd, '08, 17:49
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Topic: What do you do to de-stress?
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Take a nice hot soothing bath and turn the lights off and just use candlelight and listen to some relaxing music.
by briancharliee
Jan 3rd, '08, 17:41
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Topic: Asian Haircuts ~
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Views: 352405 that 's cool man . I mean the top most. I want my hairs to be like that. :salut:
by briancharliee
Dec 31st, '07, 14:33
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Topic: Why do guys love pretty girls?
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Yes I agree it is mean. Don't take those immature boys to heart. They are just immature yet. You might just be a late bloomer. Guys are so cruel. Even if they like u its hard to tell. Don't get your feeling hurt though. Just take time. You feel like u need someone but there is plenty of time. I know...
by briancharliee
Dec 27th, '07, 16:50
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Topic: How to approach girls?
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Well lot of useful opinions by experts............ I think 1st just be her friend first, and if you already know most of their "story" then all you need to do is take it to the next level, do the whole touching thing, like when u say good bye, just touch her side, or shoulder. let her know u like he...