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by poikkeus
Nov 28th, '14, 00:47
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Topic: Best Taiga Drama of All Time (Round 1 - Preliminary)
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My favorites:

Musashi - outstanding martial arts Taiga, based solidly on the novel

Hana no Ran - not the 2014 version, but the 1993 version; this is one of the all-time least popular Taiga, but is tensely rendered from start to finish

Furin Kazan - fascinating story of a period strategist
by poikkeus
Jun 18th, '07, 03:50
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Topic: Need help to identify a Jdrama? Ask here!
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What's the name of this comedy?

I saw this several years ago and thought it was really funny...but I never got the name. It stars someone who really looks like Sakai Masaaki. A loyal girlfriend has remained hopelessly in love with him. Then he meets another...and just as it seems the relationship is moving forward, he meets someon...