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by Kallista
Jun 7th, '08, 13:10
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
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1- Kang Ji Hwan
2- Eric Mun
3- Gong Yoo
4- Jang Hyuk
5- Jae Hee

Such great actors and very handsome men! :wub:
by Kallista
May 16th, '08, 23:30
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Which Kdramas are Underrated?
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que sera sera - i'm still watching... but i can't seem to stop.. it's back-to-back episodes for me xP my friend recommended "the last scandal" to me a couple days ago and seeing how its also recommended here, i guess off to finding it i go! Lol i'm still watching Que sera sera too, but I ...
by Kallista
May 16th, '08, 15:22
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Batchtorrent requests for kdrama
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Proud to present the release of batchtorrent: Snow White aka Taste Next project: Que Sera Sera ! Hopefully the downloading will go quickly. YAYYYYYY ! i'm SOOOO in love with this drama! :wub: I've just discovered it! I watched it in streaming, but I wanted to download it... there aren't seeds! :|
by Kallista
Apr 26th, '08, 09:57
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Topic: Which Kdramas are Underrated?
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>>> 9 END 2 OUTS is one of my most favourite dramas, and few people seems to know and appreciate it. But I wouldn't say it's angst-free. Let's say they don't understand too much their own feelings, but the viewers do, so we can "feel" the angst (super-macaroni-english mode on) :P :wub: In...
by Kallista
Mar 10th, '08, 18:22
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Topic: Who was your first celebrity crush?
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Very interesting topic, lol! I've had thousands crushes, but the first ones... Non asian: John Belushi (LOL! Don't laugh! :P ) Asian: Tomoya Nagase and Takuya Kimura . I love everything about the first, but Kimura gave me literally *thrills* since the first time I saw him! Sooo charming and sexy! Th...
by Kallista
Mar 5th, '08, 14:34
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Topic: [poll] Most Popular JE actor.
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yamapi is seen as prof actor? hmm... Yamapi has BAD acting skills, he should work more on his facial expressions ! :crazy: (i usually call him a "dead-fish-face"). My favourite JE actors are ABOVE 25 : Tomoya Nagase , Takuya Kimura and Junichi Okada ! I'm sorry, I don't have the prerequis...
by Kallista
Mar 2nd, '08, 17:04
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Topic: Italian D-Addicts
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Passo per fare un salutino! Ormai posto in giro esibendo il mio inglese da 4 soldi ma ancora non avevo avuto modo di zompare qui!

Salve a tutte! :salut:
by Kallista
Feb 26th, '08, 23:50
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Sorry I Love You (KBS, 2004)
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Although I've been quite moved by a lot of scenes during the drama (above all the ones about Eun-chae -> "<i>he</i> doesn't love me but i'm so in love with him that I could clean his dirty floor with my tongue"), now that I finished MISA a long time ago I must say that I cry even REMEMBERI...
by Kallista
Feb 25th, '08, 22:07
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Who's Your Favorite Screenwriter?
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Magicus wrote: Anyways I am a big fan of Kudo Kankuro's work(IWGP, Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Tiger & Dragon. movies: Go, Ping Pong etc.).
:salut: He's a GENIUS.

(and i'm OBVIOUSLY NOT only talking about his plots - I mean the dialogues! the calembours! the rhytm of the scenes etc.)