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by Dave374
Jul 19th, '08, 20:26
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: Upgrading my PC
Replies: 6
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First of all, unless you have money to waste SLI is not the way to go. Nowadays many quality parts are cheap. If your not a very avid gamer that wants to run all games on max with 60+ fps; value RAM/8800GT and maybe a Quad Core considering if you encode videos, etc. I do suggest newegg.com (If you l...
by Dave374
May 2nd, '08, 03:11
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Is this a REAL girl?
Replies: 76
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Its a photoshop, however the person that did this is pretty skilled. The first picture kinda gives it away, the neck doesnt really fit the head to scale or it just looks awkward to me.