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by sigep66
May 16th, '11, 02:43
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Best Hong Sisters Masterpiece
Replies: 32
Views: 20275

because it's a 4 year old thread.....
by sigep66
Aug 30th, '10, 01:53
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: its about my ipod touch
Replies: 1
Views: 1124

if you want to format it, plug your ipod into your computer, go to itunes and click on your ipod and click restore
by sigep66
Aug 8th, '10, 17:47
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Full House 2 (KBS, 20xx)
Replies: 183
Views: 98091

hmmm.....it's august 2010. has there been any news on this?
by sigep66
May 12th, '08, 22:08
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Worst J-drama Ever! (*spoilers*)
Replies: 824
Views: 209030

I personally thought that Yukan Club was pretty horrible. It had horrible acting and had cheesy plots. The only reason why I watched it was because of the chick who played Noriko