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by karakeru
Mar 31st, '05, 04:49
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: So.. What was the first drama you watched??
Replies: 1697
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haven't watched any K-dramas yet, but the first J-drama I started watching was "Virgin Road" (never got to finish it until I found the torrent on this site, though). I can't remember the name of the first J-drama I watched in its entirety, but it starred both KinKi Kids and had "Aisareru yori mo" as...
by karakeru
Mar 11th, '05, 02:30
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: Japanese Series of the Week 03/21/05 - My Little Chef
Replies: 82
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Hello! Voting for With Love! (Actually, I've got the first 6 eps on my comp, and most of 7 (it's missing 1 MB... I should seed, shouldn't I? I'll have seeds for ep 1, and maybe ep 2 up by this time tomorrow).