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by co0o0ol
Apr 2nd, '08, 08:01
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon: Our Cute Royal Couple...
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Question...... is that picture from Drama or real life ???
i'm really Curios.......><
by co0o0ol
Apr 2nd, '08, 07:31
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Lee Da-Hae or Kim Tae Hee? (AJAJAJA FIGHTING)
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Kim Tae Hee is sooooooooooooooo beautif...l
by co0o0ol
Apr 2nd, '08, 07:03
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Boys Before Flowers (KBS2) Korean version of "Meteor Ga
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i would like to see Rain as donyoji
and Huyn bin as Rui

wooooooow i'm so excited to see Hana Yori Dango Korean version i think it will be the best
by co0o0ol
Mar 17th, '08, 07:36
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Bi <-->Lee Dong Wook <--> Joo Ji Hoon!
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is the best Korean dancer, singer and actor EVER
how come he got only 30%
by co0o0ol
Mar 17th, '08, 05:44
Forum: Kpop
Topic: TVXQ...DBSG...DBSK... let's discuss...
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Hi i am Sarah from Dubai, and iam a huge fan of DBSK iam Surprised that there are people who do not like U-know , yeah he is the leader but he don't act like one he is like a big brother to them i never seen U-know control them he is so kind :) i don't believe there r people who hates my lovely U-kn...
by co0o0ol
Mar 16th, '08, 05:37
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Which Drama do you like best? Korean Chinese or Japanese?
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i watch all of them but Korean Dramas r the best ^^
by co0o0ol
Mar 16th, '08, 05:31
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Who was your first celebrity crush?
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my first Asian celebrity crush was Oguri Shun
but in general my first celebrity crush was Nick Carter ^^
but now all that had changed
by co0o0ol
Mar 16th, '08, 04:46
Forum: General Discussions
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i start Asian drama with Japanese, but i liked Korean Drama better
1_ coffee prince
2- Goong
3_ Hana Yori Dango
4- full House
5_ My name is Kim Sam soon
6_ Hana Kimi
and alot
by co0o0ol
Mar 4th, '08, 07:31
Forum: Other Korean TV Shows
Topic: Dating on earth (DBSK)
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this is the first time i hear about Dating on earth (DBSK)

is that a movie or what ???