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by endormion
Dec 29th, '13, 21:14
Forum: International Community
Topic: German (and German-Speaking) D-Addicts part 2
Replies: 3128
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Seeking friendship in Germany!!

Hallo, ich suche Freunde in Deutschland, die gerne japanische Doramas schauen. Ich schaue die sehr gerne, bin auch sehr an der Sprache und Kultur interessiert (ohne jetzt der totale Freak zu sein ^^), habe aber keine Freunde, die dieses Interesse teilen. Das ist voll schade! Ich würde gerne über ein...
by endormion
Jun 1st, '11, 05:42
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: how do I continue unfinished downloads?
Replies: 2
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how do I continue unfinished downloads?

Hi, over night torrent had some problems and I had to reboot the pc the hard way (pushing the power button). Now torrent lost all it torrents that I had running. The data is still there though. So, how do I continue the unfinished .avi? When I just get the torrents magnet-link back, it starts a new ...
by endormion
Feb 3rd, '11, 12:41
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: wrong direction
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wrong direction

It's happened to me, that I click on a button for some action like "post reply" or just the next site of a thread and instead of this action I get directed to http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/, the front page. Why?
by endormion
Jan 30th, '11, 23:48
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Misaki Number One!! (Karina, Fujigaya Taisuke)
Replies: 30
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Guess it's a luck for me to not have seen Gokusen, huh? ^^
I like Karina a lot (she's just so pretty), so really look forward to this.
by endormion
Jan 27th, '11, 16:11
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Things I noticed from Jdramas.
Replies: 253
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There must be some kind of strange disease in japan, that I never heard of. Whenever someone gets wet in the rain or is really stressed, they get a fever, collapse and are unconscious for a loooong time. Then they sleep. :blink At this point, everybody knows that everything will be alright. :scratch...