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by kana
Oct 1st, '10, 04:31
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What happen to SOOMPI thread

Does any one know how to get on It have been long time I can't get in to that web. And what happen to ALL torrents link from Addict to, Can't get any thing. Please help. Thanks.
by kana
Oct 6th, '05, 19:10
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Viet community

Good shout Amrayu...Count me on too...Hi every one....!
by kana
Jul 26th, '05, 12:59
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Australia Internet

For you : Y_T
In Canada for Hight speed :DL from Av.120>300Kbps and cost $35 >$50.Cnd.
by kana
Jul 21st, '05, 17:30
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Wonderful life Sub.

The eng.sub Almost done, only for the last 2 or 3 Ep.
Check in the Sub. section, you will fine it...
Good luck
by kana
May 17th, '05, 19:20
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you not the only once

Did you see 'Winter sonata'
If you love Stairway to heaven and Sad sonata
then you shouldn't miss WINTER Sonata....