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by kazenai
Nov 11th, '08, 23:26
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Topic: [TwDrama] 100% Senorita (SETTV/CTS, 2004)
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pecha17 wrote:It was my pleasure


I dont get why it doesnt catch fansubbers eyes...i mean I know its 40/29? eps

anyway thank you , this story is very graet an excitin even though i know the ending :( Xiao feng is stupiddd, then again i dunno wat happend in between
by kazenai
Nov 10th, '08, 22:12
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: East of Eden (MBC, 2008) Song Seung Hun, Lee Da Hae
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Can someone explain to me WTF is that ? People who are afraid of spoilers ...please don't watch :O but i need an explanation if this is ACTUALLy related to East Of Eden
:O [/spoiler]