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by Mayura
Apr 23rd, '10, 17:21
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: How About J-Actresses/Actors you DON'T like??
Replies: 398
Views: 169515

I don't like Mizushima Hiro (I really think he's a bad actor D= He sucked in Kamen Rider Kabuto, Mei-chan no shitsuji (even a robot would have done better than him D=) and Mr Brain (There're so many great actors around him and he just sucks !!!!)... ), Aiba Hiroki (but there're no reasons actually x...
by Mayura
Jul 28th, '09, 06:33
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: What is your #1 favorite jrock song?
Replies: 23
Views: 5440

Hum... hard to choose between LM.C's Boys&Girls and One OK Rock's Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupi... I love them both :wub:

Hum... well... let's say: Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Cupid by One OK Rock
*Choice made only because of NEWS Nippon :mrgreen: *
by Mayura
Apr 19th, '09, 21:45
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: European dramas
Replies: 7
Views: 1574

I advise you not to watch the French ones... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
They're one of the most terrible things which can exist :blink

(It's one of the reasons why I stopped watching TV :lol )
by Mayura
Apr 19th, '09, 18:40
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Anime/Manga/Asian Novels made into Hollywood Movies
Replies: 12
Views: 3205

Well... I saw Dragon Ball Evolution... and I'm definitely against any adaptations of mangas/animes by the Americans... Well, it's okay if they choose GOOD actors, make a GOOD script, add GOOD special effects... But Dragon Ball Evolution has nothing at all... It's just terrible: I don't really like D...
by Mayura
Apr 19th, '09, 14:58
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Dramas based off anime/mangas
Replies: 10
Views: 4856

I add some others:
Fûma no Kojiro
Iryu Medical Dragon
Full House (manwha actually ^^)
by Mayura
Apr 14th, '09, 14:15
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Which manga would you want to see 'drama-tised'?
Replies: 275
Views: 54547

It's not a manga, but an anime: Darker Than Black *Yamapi as Hei would be great *__* I'd also loved Beck to be turned into a drama ^^. (I also wanted Les Gouttes de Dieu to be drama-tised, and now that it's done, I just find that it was not a good idea xD: well, Kame is great as Shizuku... But the o...
by Mayura
Apr 4th, '09, 12:13
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: What J movie or dramas makes you cry or moves you?
Replies: 123
Views: 45853

Hum... I almost always cry... But I'd say:
Proposal Daisakusen
Ichi Littoru No Namida
Koizora (Movie)
Ikebukuro West Gate Park
by Mayura
Mar 22nd, '09, 17:00
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: I can not watch some drama
Replies: 8
Views: 1945

I also advise you to use VLC Media PLayer, you don't need the codecs if you use it ^^.

It's really useful :cheers:
by Mayura
Mar 18th, '09, 15:10
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Survey] Your Best J-dramas: Ranked! (Update #17)
Replies: 923
Views: 282186

1. Kurosagi
2. Proposal Daisakusen
3. Bloody Monday
by Mayura
Mar 16th, '09, 22:22
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: The One J-Drama You Think Everyone Should See?!?!?
Replies: 12
Views: 2178

My favorite is Kurosagi... But I'd say Ikebukuro West Gate Park or Bloody Monday... Hard to chose between those three actually... Hum... well... Ikebukuro West Gate Park... I found it so different from all the dramas I've seen before.... I just can't stop myself tell everyone: "Watch IWGP, it's so g...