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by calpisuu
Jul 11th, '09, 11:59
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Topic: Filming Locations of Jdramas
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Does anyone know where that park is from Last Friends? The place where there's a stage and benches. It's also in ep 4 of Atashinchi no Danshi. The place where they had the karaoke competition It's in Tokyo (Mitaka) and the park is called Inokashira-koen. :)
by calpisuu
Jul 10th, '09, 13:12
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Topic: I don't get it... How come most J-dramas have HORRIBLE PQ?
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Are you a foreigner? You sound like some asian. Your grammar and spelling are all off lol. 'Sound like some asian...' WTH! That was incredibly rude!:scratch: [anyways, to me, most Japanese dramas are boring. I also find Japanese actors and actresses acting sub-par. When it comes to acting performan...
by calpisuu
May 23rd, '09, 20:16
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Topic: [Discussion] Mr. Brain
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didn't like the hair in the beginning scene though actually the beginning scene was just weird... you'll see when a Raw copy comes out
For those who want to see the hair..A 6 minutes clip of episode 1 out:

The ending is kinda lol..XD
by calpisuu
Apr 23rd, '09, 18:25
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Topic: [Discussion] Shiroi Haru (Abe Hiroshi,Yoshitaka Yuriko..)
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About Sachi being Haruo's child...
Actually during the Waratte Iitomo SP [2009.04.13] Abe Hiroshi has already explained that Haruo has a child he didn't know about because he was in prison. So I guess Sachi really is blood related...
but I'm sure more drama will come up... :unsure:
by calpisuu
Apr 15th, '09, 10:53
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Topic: [Discussion] Atashinchi no Danshi (Horikita Maki)
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In case someone is interested, I did a summary of each scene in episode 1 (with caps).

It's not very detailed, but I hope you'll get an overview! :thumright: