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by MoonRiver
Jun 8th, '09, 05:44
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: Mac Os X: Help adding .srt subtitles to DVDs
Replies: 4
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VLC can also help you but only play them ,Mactheripper can help you rip dvd to avi .
I want to recommend you a cool freeware ffmpegX,which can help you merge avi videos and .sub,.srt subtitles .
just follow this guide :
How to add srt and sub subtitles to avi video on mac ?
by MoonRiver
May 22nd, '09, 02:48
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: MAC OS X: Importing sub files (.srt) into DVD Studio Pro
Replies: 6
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I think this cool freeware ffmpegX can help U.
You can make use of it to merge subtitles and videos to one videos ,and then burn this merged videos to dvd on mac
Just consult this guide :
How to add subtitle files (srt and sub ) and videos to dvd on mac ?
by MoonRiver
May 18th, '09, 08:13
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: [Tutorial] How to Burn w/ Subtitles
Replies: 150
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I think ffmpegX can help you finish your work.
firstly,you can make use of ffmpegX to merge your movie and subs
and then,burn the merged videos to dvd.

Just follow this guide:
How to Burn SRT/Sub Subtitle Files and AVi videos to DVD on Mac ?