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by Pokioki
Jul 14th, '09, 05:02
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Don't Japanese actresses like to kiss?
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Honestly, kissing should be enjoyable. I find that in most Asian dramas, kissing or even touching can be limited. Have you seen how uncomfortable some of the hugs look? It's like they aren't used to embracing. If you don't have the hugs down, then kissing would be a flop. spoiler: Princess Hours The...
by Pokioki
Jul 14th, '09, 04:37
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Gokusen (All Seasons)
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So it hasn't been subbed yet?

I'm still mega bummed out that Sawada Shin isn't going to be in it. At least they got together in the manga....
by Pokioki
Jul 13th, '09, 06:09
Forum: Chinese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: kdrama/jdrama dubbed in cantonese?
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hm, i don't mind dubbed cantonese. Of course it's not as good as subbing, but I feel that some meanings get lost in translation to English. However, dubbed in English freaks me out. I can't stand it. Thats why I don't watch any anime that has been dubbed in English. Only a few I can stand. Full Meta...
by Pokioki
Jul 11th, '09, 23:36
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Do you really hate where your born that much??
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I don't hate my country. I love the US. I've visited China and Japan. And even though I had oodles of fun, I still missed the US very much while traveling.

I LOVE the city I was born in. Boston rules! <3
by Pokioki
Jul 11th, '09, 23:28
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Ugly celebrities
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Ishiguro Ken from Shomuni.... I don't know why, but his face bothers me. And in this series he is suppose to be the handsome rich uptight type guy. I was very disappointed when I saw it was Ishiguro Ken who was going to play Ukyo Tomohiro. I've recently started watching dramas. So I haven't seen a l...