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by strawberries
Aug 28th, '09, 18:33
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: [Discussion] Ainori/Love Wagon Reality Show (Summaries)
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I met Shrek in Hide's masaai shop in Harajuku a few weeks back when he was "special guest worker"
he was all tanned and had bleached hair, it was funny. a very nice guy!
by strawberries
Aug 27th, '09, 21:45
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: Help Getting Japanese Variety TV on Pandora
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Yeah, I can sometimes hear sound but not see the video it is really awful but with Korean pandora you can probably forget about it because Korean webpages try to keep us out of everything sometimes when it's embedded in a Japanese site where the moderator is a paying member of Pandora, you can watch...