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by iYayz
May 18th, '10, 05:03
Forum: Travel
Topic: Japan pics, post your travel pics!
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i wonder myself, when I'll have enough money to go there, and watch all of those fascinating view with my own eyes... huhuhu...
by iYayz
Dec 29th, '09, 06:50
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Drama's you must watch at least TWICE and why?
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i've always watch 2 times for my every favorite dorama the reason i've watch it for 2 times is just simply because i love those dorama but, it's a rare to me, to watch one dorama more than 2 times. I think twice is enough,n im affraid if i watch it too many times, i will get bored and i'll dislike i...
by iYayz
Nov 13th, '09, 06:47
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: So.. What was the first drama you watched??
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My first J-Drama was Oshin i watched it when i was still in elementary schooL, and at that time, i wasn'T understand about the story at aLL. But sTill watched it anywaY...Weird... My first K-Drama was My Girl i guess, just watched it few years ago that's aLL i Can remember... i've ever watched Taiwa...