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by la bonita
Jun 21st, '08, 15:34
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: [Tutorial] Watching Real Video (RMVB) with Subtitles
Replies: 93
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Masumi-chan wrote:i download a Koren movie in rmbv and try to play it in the following :

media player classic (it don't show up)
GOM player (no sond but subtitle ok)
realplayer (is ok but no subtitle)

i want to view the subtitle plez help
same here

desperated!! :(
by la bonita
May 25th, '07, 05:19
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: [DDL] Thai Lakorns
Replies: 54
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oh sunstar, thank you for upload these thai lakorn :D

and cha-krit is one of my fav actor too :D :D
by la bonita
Jan 28th, '07, 16:48
Forum: Travel
Topic: Korea Trip
Replies: 35
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Néa Vanille wrote:...
And yes, 90% of Korean movies seem to come with English subs, you won't have any problems there
are they? i didn't know that

i didn't buy any when i was there since i didn't know they got eng-sub.
so i bought korean movies at either singapore or hongkong instead

by la bonita
Jan 28th, '07, 16:38
Forum: International Community
Topic: Korean D-Addicts
Replies: 274
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hi all

do you know where i can get info for homestay in seoul?
either korean or english language.

thank you


i'm thai. can understand very slightly mandarin and korean, learning from dramas with D-Addictes subtitles.
thank you, D-Addicts
by la bonita
Apr 23rd, '06, 05:07
Forum: Series of the Week/Month
Topic: KSOTM for May 2006 : Only You
Replies: 100
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Damo and Ruler of Own World got many seedersss.. i vote for either :D