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by fiel
Jun 11th, '10, 03:59
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Who's watching Filipino dramas?
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i don't watch that much... because some, honestly speaking, would be so dramatic... some stories are predictable, you'll know what's gonna happen next... and lengthy... you'll get bored before it ends... but for the passed two years, they (tv networks/producers) have been adapting some korean drama ...
by fiel
Jun 11th, '10, 02:31
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Does anyone here listen to Charice???
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Re: Does anyone here listen to Charice???

Charice is so amazing!! I recently started listening to her music/watching her youtube videos, and I am totally blown away by her beautiful voice and personality! Plus, I hear that she recently was in Japan to record with Ayaka. The new song will supposedly be on Music Station later this summer, pr...