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by lovecatcat
Jan 10th, '11, 02:30
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: "ONLY YOU" Philippine version
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Well, all's well that ends well. It's another teleserye happy ending as the Filipino Remake of Only You wraps up on a feel-good note. As they say in tagalog, "Pagkahaba-haba man daw ng prusisyon, sa simbahan pa din ang tuloy." As expected, Jillian ends up with TJ, which I'm sure, made their fans (th...
by lovecatcat
Jan 10th, '11, 02:29
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Does any one like India, and suppose to travel there?
Replies: 16
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I hate India.one of my friend work at India who always complaining
by lovecatcat
Jan 10th, '11, 02:25
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Does anyone here listen to Charice???
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She then asks us to listen to Charice singing “In This Song, written by David Foster”. You then hear the audience screaming even before she sings a note, and I was probably the loudest one! charice mini live japan mooffin photo
by lovecatcat
Jan 10th, '11, 02:23
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Hi My sweetheart (Taiwanese drama)
Replies: 2
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I love Rainie Yang so much.She is so cute.
by lovecatcat
Jan 10th, '11, 02:22
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Does Anyone Watch Thai Drama
Replies: 51
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These are just a few, there are PLENTY more, but I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did! Also side note all the ones listed above are in crunchyroll so there is no need to go to youtube or something. ^^
by lovecatcat
Jan 7th, '11, 06:20
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: K-movies discussion
Replies: 502
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