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by ocgoodtimes
Feb 16th, '15, 06:23
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Topic: [Discussion] Marumaru Tsuma
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Re: [Discussion] Marumaru Tsuma

Ep5 was pretty heavy, but Hikari pretty much revealed her secret. Assuming that this series will run another 5-6 episodes I wonder how they're going to keep the story line interesting...
by ocgoodtimes
Oct 28th, '14, 01:34
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Time Spiral
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Re: Time Spiral

I just finished seeing it. Any thoughts on it? I thought everyone's acting was abysmal... I really love Gackt and have been a fan of him since 2003 but his acting was baaad, that fall in episode 7 made me laugh so hard! Also they never explained how he time travels, no one really even questioned it...
by ocgoodtimes
Oct 15th, '14, 02:20
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Topic: Kitagawa Keiko
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Does asia torrents have a mirror site? membership is closed.
by ocgoodtimes
Jan 10th, '14, 00:21
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Topic: Ueto Aya
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Re: Aya Ueto <3

Hi there! Anyone knows if Aya's gonna take a break or something after her marriage with HIRO? I want to see her on the stage forever! And... Anyone knows what's the name of this movie/dorama where a kid touched her perfect boobs? (I really really hate you kid, you'll regret someday! :cussing:) http...
by ocgoodtimes
Sep 17th, '13, 05:24
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Topic: [Discussion] Woman
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I was actually a tad disappointed with the ending. The whole scene between Koharu and her mom was sooooooo drawn out (the scene where they're talking about typhoon number 9 and stuff). And at that point we already know that Shiori was a match so the only question was whether the procedure was a suc...