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by Itadakimasu
Mar 10th, '16, 06:15
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Topic: Dramas about food/places?
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Re: Dramas about food/places?

I recently came across a couple of jdramas about food that are fun to watch: 1) Hana no Zubora Meshi (same author as Kodoku no Gurume), there are english subs up to ep.3 - about a young housewife, whose husband (named Goro(!) who is always away on business trips; she comforts herself by making lazy ...
by Itadakimasu
Feb 3rd, '16, 04:19
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Ueno Juri Part 2
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Re: Ueno Juri Part 2

I recently watched the first episode of Kazoku no Katachi. I thought it was pretty good, a bit slow and both main characters seem too similar (grouchy and kinda mean) but it has potential. Waiting on the eng subs for ep 2 before anymore judgments since the first episode of dramas tends to be slow on...
by Itadakimasu
Jan 12th, '16, 10:51
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Topic: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan
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Re: [poll] Beautiful Women in Japan

I voted for Nanako Matsushima because she was beautiful in her 20's (not so much now, she didn't age as as well as some others). A couple of actresses who are not on the list but I think are beautiful are Haruka Ayase, Yuriko Yoshitaka and Misaki Itoh.
by Itadakimasu
Jan 12th, '16, 10:41
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Topic: Japanese and their behavior in jdoramas
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Re: Japanese and their behavior in jdoramas

Food is the number one reason my family and I go to Japan. All our trips to Japan revolve around food, the cities/towns we go to and stay at are planned on what we want to eat or buy to bring back home. There is no better place in the world (imho) to chow down than Japan. In fact there is so many th...
by Itadakimasu
Jan 9th, '16, 03:18
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Topic: Oguri Shun
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Re: Oguri Shun

He was also in Kyumei Byoto 24 ji season 3, Woman and starred in Tokyo Dogs (with Yuriko Yoshitaka). These are some of the more recent ones I watched and his acting was great; but I thought he really stood out in the supporting roles because those dramas were outstanding (Kyumei and Women).