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by diOdio
Oct 23rd, '07, 01:21
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What do you do to de-stress?
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i like to drive on the freeway and yell my brains out.
by diOdio
Oct 19th, '07, 21:06
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Recommended Manga
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Hachiko-chan wrote:Nana or anything else by Ai Yazawa.
Fruits basket,xxxholic, the wallflower(Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge), Tsuki no shippo, Hot Gimmick.
+1 for ai yazawa and hot gimmick

oh i also really enjoyed hands off
by diOdio
Oct 18th, '07, 23:10
Forum: Other Asian Culture
Topic: Who's watching Filipino dramas?
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i want to watch berks. i <3 heart evangelista. (well i used to at least)

its true that fil-dramas have improved, but there are too many twists in the storylines and feel unfocused. im hoping they learn more from the asian dramas that get really popular there.
by diOdio
Jun 1st, '06, 17:06
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] H2 ~Kimi to itahibi
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i really like the "best friends become rivals but still remain friends" theme. i didnt think H2 would make it on my top, i thought "baseball eh? ill watch it to watch drama." but after a couple episodes it was so much more than baseball.
by diOdio
May 2nd, '06, 20:01
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: braces - cute/attractive or a huge turnoff?
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uhh. 26 with braces here. =( i got em really late in the game and i cant wait to get them off. i also look very young so with braces i can pass for 16. i always get the double look when i order 18 year old scotch. anyway, i hate them on myself, but its true they do look cute on some people. probably...
by diOdio
Feb 5th, '06, 19:08
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Meet new friends, future gf/bf here
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ptexpress wrote:So, I'm moving to the Bay Area next week. Would anyone want to hang out?
bay area is the best!
by diOdio
Jan 28th, '06, 19:30
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Byakuyakou
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Jenden wrote:
jho wrote:Are their subtitles for this series? I really, really wanna see it.
I believe it is... It'll either be released by Studio Oto or SARS (depending on if its before or after the merger) I think.
downloading episode 1 from sars...YAY!
by diOdio
Jan 23rd, '06, 05:29
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
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how many times have i opened this thread thinking there is a second season?

too many. O.O
by diOdio
Jan 23rd, '06, 05:24
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Nobuta wo Produce
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[quote="MotoWhisper"]Hi. Im only in process of first viewing NwP and have one question. One of personages sing song with teachers on school festival. Do anybody know what song it is?[/quote i just finished that episode and i was wondering the same thing. is this an actual song? title? artist? por fa...
by diOdio
Jan 15th, '06, 21:01
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: [Movie Discussion] Boku wa imouto ni koi wo suru
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they are not twins in the anime. in the anime, the brother is an office worker and the sister is still in highschool. something about the anime hooked me and i watched it with a turning stomach throughout. as an anime, the story kept more of a fictional feel, im not sure if i can handle it as a live...
by diOdio
Dec 27th, '05, 22:05
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What bands would you have play your birthday party?
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lightning bolt
portishead (they'd have to do a one night reunion though)

beatles =(
jimi hendrix and eric clapton
thelonius monk and eric dolphy
by diOdio
Dec 26th, '05, 22:55
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: What song are you listening part 1
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sippin on syrup by three six mafia.
by diOdio
Dec 9th, '05, 23:25
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: If you could be an Anime Character, what would it be and y?
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id be naota from furi kuri. i want temporary horns and robots to pop out of my head and i want an older girl to fool around with me (not quite my older brothers exgf though) and i want to control canti and i want to fall in love with a girl that brings excitement to a town i think is boring.
by diOdio
Dec 8th, '05, 19:40
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: What song are you listening part 1
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draco wrote:Currently listening to --> Salyu | Lily Chou - Chou album
YAY! i love that album, although youre probably not listening to it anymore. was listening to ego-wrappin, but now ill listen to lily chou chou.
by diOdio
Dec 8th, '05, 18:45
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: How old are you?
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quarter life crisis! O_O
just kidding. 25 really isnt bad, im having a great time kind of. a little scared of 30 though.
go aquarians!
by diOdio
Dec 8th, '05, 00:34
Forum: Life & Relationships
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Ten inch penis always works for me. :lol wow...just like that? :salut: haha. i dont think swinging your wang around works. the way to go about it is starting a rumor about yourself. pst, i got ten inches, pass it on. but wouldnt you rather have a girl love you for your mind and not your package? ju...
by diOdio
Dec 8th, '05, 00:17
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Japanese and Dental Plan..
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i was in love with this girl that worked across from me in my mall job days. she had an overlapping tooth and i thought it made her 20 times cuter! everyone said i was crazy, or placed me in the "weird fetish" category. its not that at all! (i dont think). i like imperfection and i agree it does add...
by diOdio
Dec 6th, '05, 20:33
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What TURNS you OFF?
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i get turned off by girls that:
wear too much make-up.
have bad taste in music <-- according to my good taste in music! hah.
have no opinions.
dont unlock my car door after i open the passenger side, let the lady in and close their door.
by diOdio
Oct 25th, '05, 19:14
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
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i just saw "josee, the tiger and the fish" and you have to watch it too! its a simple movie about a normal guy that falls for a handicapped woman. im not much of a reviewer, but ive seen this movie 3 times in the past week so give it a shot.
by diOdio
Oct 24th, '05, 18:27
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Food
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im halfway through long vacation and damn that series got me craving ramen! anyone know of a good ramen spot in sf?
by diOdio
Oct 20th, '05, 20:23
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Most Romantic Movies You've Seen
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im a weird one
buffalo 66
punch drunk love
are my favorite romance movies.
by diOdio
Oct 18th, '05, 16:28
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: MySPACE ... friends and community
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my space is lonely =(
by diOdio
Oct 17th, '05, 21:39
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
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all about lily chou chou
hana and alice
crying out love in the center of the world
nobody knows

favorites of mine!
anyone know where i can find gigi? i saw it once at for $60 but thats out of my price range for a dvd.
by diOdio
Oct 13th, '05, 18:16
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: For New Members - Introduce Yourselves!
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hi hi

hello. i cant remember how i stumbled upon this site but im glad i did. i read through a lot of threads and everyone seems friendly and knowledgeable, so please allow me to learn from you. ive been into korean movies, mostly romance/comedies, for a couple years, and a few months ago i was exposed to...