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by iubyont
Apr 11th, '15, 18:10
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Topic: Jdrama Fansub Map Mirror 2015
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Re: Jdrama Fansub Map Mirror 2015

I think Heiwa picked up Mare.
by iubyont
Feb 1st, '15, 16:54
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Topic: [Discussion] Massan
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Re: [Discussion] Massan


In episode 44 what is the Japanese word that is translated as "Western obsession" or "Western-mania"?
by iubyont
Dec 2nd, '14, 00:39
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Topic: Where should uploaders post from now on?
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I here by offer to upload J-Dramas to MEGA, UpToBox, and any other Free & Fast file host. All I need is for the requester to provide me with a link to the torrent or site from where the files can be obtained/retrieved. Nyaa and Kickass are good trackers (I prefer Nyaa though). Also, I'm surprised b...