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by Sewerrat1
Jan 27th, '19, 16:48
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Topic: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)
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Re: Definitive Taiga Index (WIP)

Subs for Taiheiki are available There is a hard subbed version of the first 17 episodes of Ryukyu no Kaze available on AvistaZ in its English Title "Dragon Spirit", but the last six episodes are missing. There is a hard subbed version of Shisengumi on AvistaZ. There is also a Chinese subbed version ...
by Sewerrat1
May 21st, '18, 17:38
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Topic: [Discussion] Hojo Tokimune
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Re: [Discussion] Hojo Tokimune

They are both available on VHS prints with hard coded subtitles on AvistaZ
by Sewerrat1
Jan 29th, '18, 14:53
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Topic: [Discussion] Segodon
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Re: [Discussion] Segodon

:D Thank you very much for episodes 1 - 3! :D
by Sewerrat1
Dec 15th, '17, 14:40
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Topic: Best Taiga Drama of All Time (Round 1 - Preliminary)
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Re: Best Taiga Drama of All Time (Round 1 - Preliminary)

We (my wife is from Okinawa) have watched every Taiga made between 1999 (Genroku Ryoran) and 2016 (Sanada Maru), plus Mori Motonari, Ryukyu on Kaze (only the first 17 of the 23 episodes are available), Nobunaga, Takeda Shingen, and Dokuganryu Masamune, plus Sanada Taiheki (not a true Taiga). My wife...
by Sewerrat1
Aug 21st, '17, 15:46
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Topic: [Discussion] Hideyoshi
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Re: Hideyoshi (1996)

Sorry again for reactivating such an old threat but i want to ask if somebody had english subtitles for it or know where i can get one. Thx Unfortunately there are not any kind of subtitles for Hideyoshi. There is an English subbed version for sale on some vendor sites that has all the episodes sub...
by Sewerrat1
Aug 21st, '17, 15:41
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Topic: [Discussion] Taiheiki
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Re: [Discussion] Taiheiki

Hi Minaira, This drama is available on Youku with Chinese subtitles. Unfortunately, this is the only version around that I am aware of, but it's better than nothing for those that can watch without English subtitles. I read the Taiheki that was tra...