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by WhiteHawk
Jan 16th, '19, 04:58
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Question] Is this scene dying?
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Re: [Question] Is this scene dying?

It's ironic that I came back to this site (and others) looking for J-dramas, as I haven't watched any new ones in almost 5 five years, and this is the first topic I see. Occasionally I'll find something on the "rare and old doramas" site, but the last current one I watched was Zoku. Saigo Kara Niban...
by WhiteHawk
Jul 11th, '15, 06:11
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: [Discussion] Before/After
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[Discussion] Before/After I miss Before-After. It's my favorite Japanese non-dorama. Since the torrents died I've only been able to see it while in Japan, and then only if the place has a TV (my usual place doesn't). :-( Sorry, just venting. With...