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by abuwrist
Dec 20th, '15, 05:31
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Have a question about watching Japanese TV from overseas? Ask here!
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Re: Comparing Options for Watching Japanese TV from Overseas

i noticed on that there is a message scrolling: うちTVサーバー復旧まで1週間程度視聴することが出来ません。ご迷惑をお掛けし申し訳ありません。 We are sorry to inform you that Uchi TV Server needs about 1 week for the recovery. its been down for me about 3 days, so fingers crossed by next w...
by abuwrist
Dec 20th, '15, 05:29
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
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BoggoSonyeo wrote:Hello.

Can anyone suggest a good Chinese drama about forbidden love? Teacher - student?
Isnt forbidden love korean movie?
by abuwrist
Dec 20th, '15, 05:28
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Topic: Post your pictures thread!!! Post them!
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carmay wrote:Where I want to be right now.


Very cute one
by abuwrist
Dec 20th, '15, 03:22
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: AvistaZ (all questions regarding the site goes here)
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Re: AvistaZ (all questions regarding the site goes here)

I am glad I found d-addicts!!!

Unfortunately I have no friends who holds account :/

May I request someone to sent invite to me at

Thanks in advance :)

I am sorry if this is posted under wrong section.