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by NycFalcon
May 21st, '18, 05:35
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Topic: [Question] Is this scene dying?
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Re: [Question] Is this scene dying?

I hope not. If it did then I'd have to learn Japanese and I'm kinda baka.
by NycFalcon
May 21st, '18, 05:33
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo
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Re: [Discussion] Kaisha wa Gakkou jane-n da yo

If you use a VPN you can watch Abema. There are free ones but I pay for one which is 'meh'. I watch their live Sumo tournaments. I really need to learn Japanese.
by NycFalcon
May 15th, '18, 03:11
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Topic: Amazon Prime Japan
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Re: Amazon Prime Japan

I don't know. I have tried a two paid VPN services and neither worked with Hulu/Happyon in Japan. Some brief searches informed me that many VPN services don't work when connecting to Japan for some sites like Hulu and Netflix. I have tried to watch US Amazon Prime video when I was connected to a Can...
by NycFalcon
May 15th, '18, 02:56
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Topic: [Discussion] Doctor Y
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Re: Doctor Y

I know this is old, but I recently watched this on Amazon Prime US.