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by athenatnt
Feb 2nd, '08, 04:28
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KDRAMAS JDRAMAS TWDRAMAS 1. Soulmate 1. Nodame Cantible 1. MARS 2. Dal Ja's Spring 2. PRIDE 2. Meteor Garden I (only) 3. Save the Last Dance for Me. 3. Hana Yori Dango 1& 2 3. Prince who turned into a Frog 4. Bad Family 4. Nobuta wo Produce 4. Devil Beside You 5. Coffee Prince 5. Ace Wo Narea 5....
by athenatnt
Feb 2nd, '08, 04:21
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Topic: So.. What was the first drama you watched??
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Hmmm What Started this mad obsession....
My first drama was Meteor Garden. I had read the manga, then found the anime, and discovered live action. I then saw my first jdrama which was PRIDE, loved it so much!. FULL HOUSE was my first kdrama and I would be hooked forever!!!!!
by athenatnt
Feb 2nd, '08, 04:17
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Topic: D-Addicts Members' TOP 30 Favorite Korean Dramas - Vote Now!
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I feel that I have seen enough to vote.
1. Soulmate
2. Dal Ja's Spring
3. Coffee Prince
4. Save the Last Dance
5. All About Eve
6. SnowWhite
7. Love Story in Harvard
8. Wish Upon A Star
9. Bad Family
10. Spring Waltz
No Particular Order. Each fit different moods.