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by znikaraz
Sep 15th, '07, 10:24
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Topic: Asian Haircuts ~
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Views: 354088 it's a pretty good site with lots of pictures for women's haircuts/styles. my sister coughed up $200+ last month to get her hair colored and cut. and $400+ before that to get them chemically straightened. oh jeebus, right?! as for me, i cu...
by znikaraz
Sep 15th, '07, 09:27
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Topic: How many language do you speak?
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english > tagalog > spanish > japanese | german | asl i'm fluent in the first three but i've only recently started learning japanese and german. i taught myself a bit of sign language a few years ago but i'm a bit rusty on this one now. i wish we had a japanese language class back in my hs coz i'm p...
by znikaraz
Sep 15th, '07, 09:13
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Pink no idenji
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saw this awhile ago and i have to agree with ^^hereford^^, it wasn't that great. the storyline was awful but i guess the main actor/actress were cute enough for you to be distracted from deleting the file >___< if i remember correctly, there were also some love scenes in it. this might motivate some...
by znikaraz
Sep 15th, '07, 09:01
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Topic: [Discussion] Kurosagi - starring Yamashita Tomohisa
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i've got all kurosagi episodes saved on my ipod so i could watch yamapi anytime and anywhere i want, hehe. i'm happy to hear yamapi's chara is coming back -and- in a movie! and love as i may maki horikita as an actress, i hope there would be an improvement on her character coz i found her a bit anno...
by znikaraz
Sep 15th, '07, 08:51
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Topic: [Discussion] LIAR GAME (All Seasons)
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i've recently found out that the sub for ep11 was finally out. i fell asleep halfway through so i've yet to finish it. i've heard that the ending was "bleh" but i hope it won't be the same for me.

this is a pretty interesting show isn't it?