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by Delicate*Promise
Jun 18th, '06, 01:38
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Topic: Hot Korean Guys
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^ I'm guessing they're ulzzangs lol
by Delicate*Promise
Apr 2nd, '06, 18:04
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Topic: Song Hye Kyo fan thread
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soutsada7 wrote:here's a new pix of SHG from her most recent Ever cf:

[img] ... 410664.jpg[/img]

credit: jamie @ and hyesa.

isn't she just gorgeous :wub: :D
O_O I wouldn't have recognized her if you hadn't stated it! =o
by Delicate*Promise
Apr 2nd, '06, 02:00
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Topic: GOONG related Poll ^^ Shin OR Yul ???
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I liked Yul at the beginning. And did NOT like Shin ! I still don't at times.. hahaha except I found it soooooo cute when he was brushing her hair when she was sick and when he pulled her close to his chest when they were sleeping<3 (I said when lmfaox :| ) He's opening my heart to him now, but afte...
by Delicate*Promise
Apr 2nd, '06, 01:52
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Topic: Goong VS My Girl VS Full House
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Full House was my FIRST drama ever and FAVORITEST <3 I just finished watching it [again] today! :lol I just recently watched My Girl.. it was pretty cute lol XD but is nothing compared to Full House.. yeah I guess I'm biased cause I :wub: Bi lolol xDD!!! Goong.. is so ehHh =_____=;; It's okay I gues...