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by pwyy
Apr 27th, '05, 14:39
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: Tweaking Bittorrent - How To Configure Bittorrent
Replies: 403
Views: 236538

Wonder if anyone can help (please help).. I have a adsl connection. My service provider send me the adsl box/terminal and it's configured to have firewall. Problem is, I'm not allowed to change that adsl terminal configuration (no access rights). I suppose that means I cannot do the port forwarding ...
by pwyy
Oct 8th, '04, 04:42
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Where are you from? / D-addicts' demographics
Replies: 98
Views: 18949

Hi, I am a chinese girl from the Netherlands, maybe you don't know it, because it's a very small country in Europe. Because of this, the english series and movies on TV are always subbed (they don't make a lot dutch movies). So, I'm kind of used to reading subtitles. I still think the subbing movie...
by pwyy
Oct 5th, '04, 18:08
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What gender are you?
Replies: 348
Views: 51963

Girl, not geeky, but end up loving computer(just dump my tv) because addicted to tv series...... :lol
by pwyy
Oct 5th, '04, 18:05
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Age / How Old Are You?
Replies: 495
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ahem.. 28, I think. :roll Sometimes when people ask me, I have to think couple of seconds before remembering how old I am... Must be because I always feels 25. :P Definately don't feel 21 anymore :pale: