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by Demz
Jun 26th, '10, 09:57
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mcbainpc wrote:I would be infinitely appreciative if I could have an invite to jpopsuki:
Invitation sent, all used now.
by Demz
Jun 22nd, '10, 12:51
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milkmanzero wrote:hi, can someone send me an invite too aswell
Sent invite.
by Demz
May 18th, '08, 12:19
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I really liked Edison no haha,
Itoh Misaki in a good role for once.
by Demz
Oct 22nd, '07, 12:48
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] HERO (series + SP)
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Does anyone have the slightest clue about when would the movie be released in dvd? I liked the original serie & SP was more or less continuing the original serie, leaving it open.
by Demz
May 3rd, '07, 08:34
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Topic: What was yOur first ever jDorama?
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Densha Otoko was my first dorama. It was like anime, but more fluent and funnier. GTO was the one that got me really hooked. GTO's opening was just marvelous.
by Demz
Apr 29th, '07, 16:08
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Topic: [Discussion] Jodan ja nai!
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First episode was really promising. Ueno Juri's french seemed fluent, atleast to a person who doesn't speak it 8) .
Mother's "visit" was weird, but set space for good drama.
by Demz
Mar 24th, '07, 16:05
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Topic: Finnish D-Addicts
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..just kans alotin kattelee tota strawbetty on the shortcake..erittäin hyviä näyttelijöitä :wub: varsinkin Takizawa Hideaki(tunnettu 14sai no haha)... Ei kyllä ollut Takizawa Hideaki 14 sai no haha:ssa. Kubozuka Yosukelta kannattaa kattoa ainakin Long Love...
by Demz
Feb 13th, '07, 11:01
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Topic: [Survey] Your Best J-dramas: Ranked! (Update #17)
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It's pretty hard to pick only 3 from all the series, but here it goes:

#1 Nodame Cantabile
#2 Long Vacation
#3 Kimi wa Petto

Imo, 2005-2006 series are way too high. Probably because they're seen by more people.
by Demz
Nov 19th, '06, 21:18
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Topic: Japanese
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Search Youtube for Let's learn Japanese episodes. A bit old but I still found it good way to learn more Japanese.