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by doramara-ba
Jan 26th, '19, 21:01
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: JPTVTS (all questions regarding the site goes here) [NOT OPEN FOR INVITATIONS]
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Re: JPTVTS (all quesitons regarding the site goes here)

(Thanks Keiko1981 for always helping everyone on d-addicts!) Hi poesia, if you could please send me a PM regarding a JPTVTS invitation whenever it's convenient for you, I would greatly appreciate it! For more info about me, please search for my previous posts on d-addicts and avistaz (same account n...
by doramara-ba
May 23rd, '08, 23:29
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Koi no Chikara
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B.O.N FunSubs, thank you for deciding to sub this!
by doramara-ba
Nov 15th, '05, 03:34
Forum: International Community
Topic: Bay Area D-Addicts?
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Chalk up one d-addict in Santa Cruz (well, it's better known than the city in which I actually reside). In response to Jonnses' earlier post, GO BEARS! I graduated from Cal in '--year censured to protect the elderly-- and even took a year of Japanese there. Alas, that was not enough, unfortunately, ...
by doramara-ba
Oct 21st, '05, 03:49
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: How did you come across D-Addicts?
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A little over a year ago I was channel surfing and came across a station that happened to be showing the drama Good Luck!!. It looked like a great drama, so I googled to see if I could find it. Someone (not gingertoys) was selling it on eBay for $20 (with English subtitles even!) and to save money o...
by doramara-ba
Oct 20th, '05, 09:18
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Favorite JDorama Theme Song
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That's what I love so much about Japanese dramas--not only are the stories great, but the soundtracks are excellent as well! Some of my favorites: 1. Everything - Misia (Yamato nadeshiko) 2. First Love - Utada Hikaru (Majo no jouken) 3. Summer Snow - Sissel (Summer Snow) 4. Namida no kissu - Souther...
by doramara-ba
Oct 20th, '05, 08:33
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Topic: Most Romantic Movies You've Seen
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Five of my favorites (oldies but goodies!): 1. Always ( 2. Ghost ( 3. When Harry Met Sally ( 4. The Princess Bride ( 5. Creator (
by doramara-ba
Oct 20th, '05, 06:30
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: So.. What was the first drama you watched??
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(My second post, only 8 more before I can vote for J-SOTW! :-) ) My very first jdrama--guess I'm about to date myself here--was 'Kirei ni Naritai' back in 1992. Didn't understand a word of it but fell in love with Nakae Yuri ( The very first jdrama I understood (thanks to...
by doramara-ba
Oct 20th, '05, 06:19
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
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(My first post ever, so no laughing/flaming please...) Lots of good Japanese films mentioned already, here are a few I don't think have been mentioned yet: 1. Wandafuru raifu (released as 'Afterlife' in the US): A flim by Koreeda Hirokazu, who also made 'Dare mo ...