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by xly
Oct 4th, '06, 19:54
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: The Snow Queen (KBS2, 2006) with Hyun Bin
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wow thanks for the picture spam serenity! just awsome! :lol
i have high expectations... although i've never heard of the female lead and all you guys comments about her aren't very good...

i'll def watch this when it gets subbed, hyun bin is so sweet that he gives me toothache... :D
by xly
Jun 3rd, '06, 16:54
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Will be forced to shut down?
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i'd recommend the police to read the law before doing something like that.. or at least make sure that the law has changed to their benefit before doing a raid. it's so frustrating to see them wasting tax money like that! i worked hard for that 30% of my wage! :cussing: :glare: i feel sorry for the ...
by xly
May 5th, '06, 14:06
Forum: International Community
Topic: Chinese D-Addicts
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gixo wrote: 一個陌生的地方
Is it better to say strange or unknown place?
i can't really read traditional and i'm not fluent in chinese, so i can only give my opinion to this one sentence.

IMO, it should be "an unknown place".
because 陌生人 means "a stranger" and not "a strange person". :-) good luck!
by xly
May 5th, '06, 13:41
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: check out my origami
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you are really talented! all i can make is a swan and a cube if i'm at my best haha :D
the panda is sooo cute!
by xly
May 5th, '06, 13:39
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: possible? Good grades & watch dramas?
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the magic word: balance some people don't have to study to get/maintain their good grades, others are not that lucky. so if your grades start dropping because of watching too much drama, cut back. if you still get good grades, then happy watching! it's not that difficult, but it takes discipline. ov...
by xly
May 3rd, '06, 23:24
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: LOVE - Age difference
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in my opinion it definitely matters!
i wouldn't be comfortable with a larger age diff than.. hrm... 4-5 years maybe?
then again it depends a lot on what stage in your life you are in. but still there are limits i think.
by xly
May 3rd, '06, 23:18
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: GOONG related Poll ^^ Shin OR Yul ???
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shin all the way! although he was mean at times..

the character of yul bothered me a lot in goong. although i felt sorry for him at times, he was so scheeming, and worst of all clingy!
personally that's a major turn-off so--- no thanks! :crazy:

but ooh i enjoyed this series so much ^^ wonderful!
by xly
May 3rd, '06, 22:44
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: What song are you listening part 1
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sheryl crow - if it makes you happy

it stuck after i watched a commercial for kurosagi.. *hums compulsively* :crazy: