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by leftee
Jun 5th, '06, 01:27
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Will thepiratebay.com be forced to shut down?
Replies: 39
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I feel that it had something to do with someone paying off someone on this one. But i think sooner or later they are gonna shut down the site legal or not. I wish they'd understand that its an impossible battle. A quick search in google and you see 10 new torrent sites. You kill one and another will...
by leftee
Jun 5th, '06, 01:07
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: For New Members - Introduce Yourselves!
Replies: 1503
Views: 309970

Hado everyone, other than a minor hostility, Im glad to be on this forum. I came here once before but it wasnt so popular but now it looks like the only place to be for asian dramas. Too bad movies are not aloud cuz i got a good amount of movies that i wouldnt mind sharing. I have my love patzzi and...