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by pinklunchboxgirl
Jun 30th, '09, 05:40
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Topic: So... anyone heard about the Avatar movie and it's casting?
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I guess with Avatar, I hoped for a more diverse main cast. I mean, I do like that there are Indian actors, maybe just not that they are all Fire Nation. I guess right now the impression is that Fire Nation is Indian or Middle Eastern (again, not a good PR movie for America and slightly disturbing) a...
by pinklunchboxgirl
Jun 4th, '09, 03:24
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: (SoEulmates) Kim Bum and Kim So Eun
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Totally adorable couple!

They definitely would be a great casting choice for drama leads together! They are too cute.
by pinklunchboxgirl
Mar 17th, '09, 12:38
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Lee Min Ho
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He is so hot it is embarrassing.
by pinklunchboxgirl
May 4th, '08, 19:38
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Asian Guys and Hispanic Girls
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I just read the title of this thread and laughed.
by pinklunchboxgirl
Apr 23rd, '08, 01:42
Forum: Chinese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Jackie Cheng, Jet Li, and Liu Yifei starring a movie!!
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It was great!
by pinklunchboxgirl
Feb 19th, '08, 06:54
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Rain in new Hollywood movie - Speed Racer?!?
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I heard the Wachowski Brothers (directors) picked Rain to be in the movie because they were at the same hotel once and there was a huge crowd in the lobby for Rain and they thought, "Wow, in our next movie, we want him."
by pinklunchboxgirl
Jun 30th, '06, 04:42
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Topic: Need help identifying music or songs from dramas? Ask here!
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Re: just wondering...

hi... i've been looking for the song that had been played in my girl... 'ajushhi and gong chan's auntie's time...i think it spanish or france song... now currently watching oishii propozu..and guess wat?it has the same song playing in that anyone just give me the title or the singe...
by pinklunchboxgirl
Jun 30th, '06, 02:42
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Topic: Goong VS My Girl VS Full House
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1. My Girl 2. Full House 3. Goong I don't know why many are so in love with Goong. No offense to all the fans but I find not as funny and intrigued as My Girl and Full House. Wow, you read my mind! I agree with you all the way. I completely agree. Goong started out funny but got very serious and sa...
by pinklunchboxgirl
Jun 30th, '06, 02:08
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Topic: Goong/SpringWaltz/My Girl Wallpapers
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Thanks. These are really awesome wallpapers!
by pinklunchboxgirl
Jun 21st, '06, 21:54
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Topic: Does this person look abit like Yul fr Goong?? ^^
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Wow, she definitely looks like Yul when she is listening to the hosts.
by pinklunchboxgirl
Jun 20th, '06, 01:58
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Topic: Goong S / Palace S (MBC, 2007)
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What i want to kno was when did they even HINT that Shin and Cg had done it? I was amazed when she turned out pregnant! :lol I cant wait for a season 2. Shin and CG with a baby! And i wonder if Yul will come back again and want to take CG away from Shin? I think they were together when CG had hiccu...