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by ai_no_ken
Sep 24th, '17, 15:59
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: Site for downloading Japanese Variety Shows
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Re: Site for downloading Japanese Variety Shows

Hi GGib, would it be possible for you to PM me the site for variety shows as well? I've been looking for Tetsuwan Dash links for a long time, but haven't been able to....

Thank you very much in advance!
by ai_no_ken
Oct 22nd, '04, 08:54
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: TRACKER (Problems and Solutions)
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Yeah momo closed down his tracker. I'm really pissed about those attacks.. both for here and for inheavysyrup. Some people really... :x I find it really sad for people who don't necesseraly have access to those dramas or TV shows in their home country, now they are being deprived of one of the only...