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by boa258
Jun 9th, '08, 04:55
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Last Friends - Nagasawa Masami/Ueno Juri/Eita
Replies: 2909
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RUKA IS HELLA IRRITATED lol http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll49/kishimoto-ruka/irritated.jpg Ruka's gonna throat a smack down up in thar. /end of street slang lmao @ if Ruka spoke in street slang and went all "gangstah" on Sousuke... Hahahha, Somehow.. i was out of boredom so i searched for the...
by boa258
Dec 17th, '07, 04:16
Forum: Chinese Drama Discussions
Topic: [TwDrama] It Started With A Kiss 2 (CTS/GTV, 2007)
Replies: 736
Views: 364465

OMG !! i dont understand mandarin but i still could guess what was happening .. well at least i think that i'm correct XDD well a lil of spoil of itazura na kiss manga helped .. XDD The ep was beautiful !! i couldnt stop laughing and the bedscene XDD she was laughing !! i found that a lil akward .. ...
by boa258
Aug 7th, '07, 07:04
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Vote for BEST KISSING scenes in Kdramas
Replies: 249
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definitely GOONG :wub: that kiss was the best i have ever seen
eun hye is soo lucky she can kiss ji hoon oppa ><
by boa258
Aug 2nd, '07, 04:25
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion]- kimi Ga Kureta Natsu- Tackey new drama
Replies: 4
Views: 4685

sooo cute! i really want to see this ^^
i love tacky! and this kinda looks like wonderful life XD but still amazing <333
by boa258
Aug 2nd, '07, 04:16
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Hanazakari no Kimitachi e [2007]
Replies: 7382
Views: 1120670

i just saw the preview for the 6th episode and i really CANT wait for the episode 6 XDD
omgosh! mizuki-shuichi moment!
soooooo SWEET! <33
by boa258
Aug 2nd, '07, 00:06
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Kim Jung Hoon?
Replies: 1355
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i love jung hoon oppa soooo much!
specially in goong<3 and i love his japanese mini album 5 estella ^___^
by boa258
Aug 2nd, '07, 00:04
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Jiro Wang
Replies: 226
Views: 113004

he's my FAV member of fahrenheit <33>3<
by boa258
Aug 1st, '07, 16:51
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: [Girls only!^^] What r u carrying in ur bag??
Replies: 125
Views: 32535

ipod camera cellphone lip gloss a little notebook blue pen Kleenex chewing gum mints lucky strike XDD little hairbrush hand cream small parfume agenda pills (for headache and stomachache) wallet with: -health card -arcade card XPP -pics of me and my friends -student card -japanese students card -mon...
by boa258
Aug 1st, '07, 16:25
Forum: Chinese Actors & Actresses
Topic: <3 Fahrenheit~~Fei Lun Hai
Replies: 417
Views: 212444

...dont kill me but i dont find wu zun good looking XP
i'm obsessed with jiro and aaron and i like calvin too but the only member i'm not attracted is to wu zun but and everybody seems to be sooo in love wu zun XDDDDDDDDDDDD
by boa258
Aug 1st, '07, 16:03
Forum: International Community
Topic: Japanese speaking D-Addicts?
Replies: 509
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忘れちゃった へへぇぇ・・・
by boa258
Aug 1st, '07, 15:10
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: Which Drama do you like best? Korean Chinese or Japanese?
Replies: 294
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i like japanese the most cuz i can understand almost all XD but i'm a korean fan too ^^ *currently learning XP* i dont like to much chinese the sound is not pretty for me, i find the sounds kinda awkward or annoying, many of my friends can speak mandarin or Cantonese but i still dont like ><i>_< tha...