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by hotoko
Oct 18th, '09, 07:29
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Tabe Mikako
Replies: 9
Views: 15015

Not so special...just a typical Japanese... :unsure:
by hotoko
Sep 5th, '09, 06:51
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: [poll] Most Beautiful / Cutest Actresses in Japan!
Replies: 180
Views: 121323

...and the winner is Kitagawa Keiko.... :salut: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7a/Kitagawa_Keiko_April2006.jpg http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_UmR7PsGWAAw/SUzr78mkYKI/AAAAAAAAJyo/_bCSQY0Eg-M/s400/keiko-kitagawa-1.jpg http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire3/ddc2215fe0923aac1fb732aa443df182...
by hotoko
Sep 5th, '09, 06:38
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Kitagawa Keiko
Replies: 825
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Kitagawa Keiko


Hindi Actress look just like her..

Her name is Preeti Jhangiani.
by hotoko
Sep 5th, '09, 06:20
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Capital Scandal (KBS, 2007)
Replies: 70
Views: 30675

i don't really like this drama because of the location. i didn't no that you guy ever notice or not, but when all character go to have a drink, they all always goes to the same restaurant. i think almost all episode they only drink at the same place. The whole set of this drama is actually is a park...
by hotoko
Sep 5th, '09, 06:08
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Topic: Dramas you just couldn't finish
Replies: 182
Views: 73519

Queen Of Game - i already give-up at the second episode... :-(
by hotoko
Sep 5th, '09, 06:04
Forum: KDrama Discussions
Replies: 164
Views: 102653

My List 1. Couple or Trouble - Han Ye Seul BRAVO !!! :blink 2. Kim Sam Soon - Annoying Samsoon really interested me. :thumright: 3. Snow Queen - Great romance story ever. :salut: 4. That Fool - Funny one ! :mrgreen: 5. Save you last dance - Great OST, great act - i really fall in love with Eugene......
by hotoko
Sep 5th, '09, 05:52
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Worst J-drama Ever! (*spoilers*)
Replies: 824
Views: 209030

Anna-san no Omame - most annoying drama

i can't really stand with Lily character - Dont't ever waste your time to watch this !!!!! :cry:
by hotoko
Sep 6th, '08, 19:31
Forum: Korean Culture & Entertainment
Topic: What's the worst korean drama you have seen?
Replies: 504
Views: 126756

3.What Happen In Bali (most worst kdrama ever!!!)
2.I Sorry I Love You (have ending that i could not accept)
1.Good Bye Love (dont like lead actress)