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by eledoremassis02
Jul 4th, '12, 01:58
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Topic: [Discussion] GTO (remake)
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I caught the last 20 minutes. It's defiantly closer to the Manga, but still differs a bit. AKIRA's performance has a hint of Sorimachi in it. But, Fuyutsuki is alot different than her 1998 counterpart. Though, so far..I'm not a fan of the new Uchiyamada. Ms. Sakurais not bad, closer to the Manga ver...
by eledoremassis02
Jul 4th, '12, 01:49
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Topic: Does anyone make DVD covers?
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Does anyone make DVD covers?

I just made one for the new GTO drama

Uploaded with

share yours here :) Any drama, any country :)