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by wewa
Feb 14th, '14, 14:43
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: NHK World English - jibtv looking for Program Monitors
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NHK World English - jibtv looking for Program Monitors

You will be paid in Amazon gift cards. You watch Japanese documentary shows, 30 min long, that are in English, and then write a few paragraphs, about it. Like I just watched a neat story about the Hula Girls of Fukushima tsunami disaster and how they went all over Japan to help cheer up the country....
by wewa
Nov 9th, '13, 02:24
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] ANDO-LLOYD: ~A.I. Knows Love?~
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Yeah. Bad. 20 min into ep 1 and I wanted it to end already. Like a Japanese high school play. Remake of Terminator. Priceless was better. Good Luck! was the best. Engine. Orange Days. I'm done with this one, sadly. :salut: Ok watched the first episode and my first reaction. What the hell was that???...
by wewa
Sep 12th, '13, 07:59
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: One of the best dramas I have ever seen - Okaasan to Issho
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One of the best dramas I have ever seen - Okaasan to Issho

I always wondered why it never appeared online anywhere. Great story, great cast, great theme song. Has anyone even seen it? お義母さんといっしょ(おかあさんといっしょ) I cried a couple of times watching it. It was awesome. I've been waiting 10 years. Nothing. Tragic. No one seems to know it ever existed. http://wiki.d-...
by wewa
Mar 24th, '13, 02:38
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Doctor X
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Although I'm a fan, this sucked.
I bailed after the 2nd ep.

My favs were
Seikei Bijin
Hikon Kazoku.
by wewa
Jul 12th, '11, 23:29
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: Okaasan to Issho- お義母&#
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Okaasan to Issho- お義母&#

This was a drama that remains in my favorites. Along with: To Heart Akimahende Kamisama mo sukoshi dake Long vacation Beautiful Life Good luck Engine Orange Days I know, I'm old school. But these were the pre-kdrama influence jdrama days. I have been patiently waitin...
by wewa
May 21st, '11, 01:03
Forum: Other Japanese TV Shows
Topic: NHK World - The Professional - documentary series
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NHK World - The Professional - documentary series

I really enjoy the stories of real people that they cover. They had a special episode today on the English NHK world, covering various professionals, maybe past stories? I noticed that no new Professional episode torrents have been posted since 2010. I know that, as usual, NHK web site has no resour...
by wewa
Jul 19th, '10, 22:53
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Kimura Takuya
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Rapidshare removed. File could not be found error.

sizuka wrote::P I'm one of Kimura fan..

I already upload it here if you guys want to see it. Not really good quality though, it's a wmv format. ... o.wmv.html
by wewa
Jun 25th, '10, 23:59
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: [Discussion] Tsuki no Koibito
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Tsuki no Koibito sucks!

I agree. I watched the first 2 episodes, and that was painful. I would have stopped after the 1st, but my mate wanted to try a bit more. We watched the 1080p version on our HD 55" display. So while the 'eye candy' is nice, its a horrible plot. No character building like we're used to in jdramas. May...
by wewa
Oct 21st, '07, 04:00
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Why do guys love pretty girls?
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If you study psychology and sociology, you will find the answer. my cliff notes response, is that we learn our values, from those around us and the influences in your culture. Beauty, religion, morality, sexuality, appetite, and practically everything else in your life comes from others. Parents, un...
by wewa
Jun 22nd, '07, 16:53
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Rain's Intro to the US
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Wanted Man - Pop star Rain accused of fraud in Hawaii

Posted on: Friday, June 22, 2007 :cussing: Pop star Rain accused of fraud in Hawaii StoryChat: Comment on this story By Rick Daysog Advertiser Staff Writer Less than a week after Korean pop star Rain's canceled Aloha Stadium concert, the event's local promoters have sued the Korean mega-star and his...
by wewa
Jun 14th, '07, 17:03
Forum: Korean Actors & Actresses
Topic: Rain's Intro to the US
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Rain got rained on? - poor sales

$300, $225, & $115 tickets? Thats nutz. I only paid $35 to see Namie, and $60 to see DAI. Even Avex Summer Festa is in the $60 range. I would never pay 3 digits for any concert, foreign or domestic. That is disrespectful of the fanbase, IMO. Posted on: Thursday, June 14, 2007 K-pop star Rain victim ...
by wewa
May 30th, '07, 09:14
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Zard lead singer Izumi Sakai dead at 40
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Zard lead singer Izumi Sakai dead at 40

ZARD singer Izumi Sakai dies in accident at 40 Singer Izumi Sakai has died after sustaining head injuries in a fall from the edge of a hospital building in Tokyo, her management agency has announced. Sakai, a member of the popular group ZARD, was 40. Sakai fell about three meters from the slope out...
by wewa
May 11th, '07, 06:40
Forum: Tech Discussion
Topic: what is the best laptop??
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A true recommendation?

There are a lot of questions and answers that you need to provide in order to get the right recommendation for you. So far, all the answers I have read, are mostly personal opinions, and personal ownership favorites. The cannot make those recommendations sincerely, without knowing your needs and req...
by wewa
Dec 1st, '06, 22:35
Forum: JDrama Discussions
Topic: 59th Proposal - Norika Fujiwara - NTV
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59th Proposal - Norika Fujiwara - NTV

So I read this article, and I don't find anything about this drama on jdorama or DA. ... 3000c.html

Norika on Jdorama:

We dont get much NHK and NTV shows on DA do we?
by wewa
Nov 26th, '06, 06:21
Forum: Tech Discussion
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Oppo NOT that great for d-addicts fans

Hello, I will help you reply to an old topic. :) As NBC used to say, "If you haven't seen it, its NEW to YOU!" :lol Not to contradict the original post, but I have had the 971 for about a year. I also own the 970 that oppo came out with this past summer. I have them connected to my 'Guest' HDTV, so ...
by wewa
Oct 30th, '06, 21:21
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: What TURNS you OFF?
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COMMON SENSE - a rarity in nice girls

god, this could be a gigantic list... but farting is not on my list...its okay. so long its not in my face... :mrgreen: which i've experienced... :whistling: i would definitely say, common sense. :salut: you can tolerate many of the other drawbacks and shortcommings, but if a girl doesn't seem to be...
by wewa
Sep 13th, '06, 17:13
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Showing skin in Shibuya
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Showing skin in Shibuya

This article attributes the bare skin fashion emerging in Tokyo to Namie?! I wasn't in Tokyo in the 90's when the Amuro fashion boom started, but I dont think she was showing much least by today's standards. Koda is definitely one that com...
by wewa
Sep 8th, '06, 01:07
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Would you go out with someone who's divorced with children?
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Tom says NO

If you are a male, the smart answer is no.
There are plenty of fish, so do yourself a favor.
by wewa
Sep 8th, '06, 01:03
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Kaneshiro Takeshi fans
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Golden Bowl!

Yes, we've seen Keigo in Kamisama, and Returner but most of you don't mention Golden Bowl, probably cuz you've never seen him in it.
That was the sleeper drama for him.

Fogetabout da "flying dagger" crap...
by wewa
Sep 4th, '06, 20:14
Forum: International Community
Topic: Hawaii D-Addicts
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East Oahu checking in

Doomo! Lived in Manoa last 6 years, now in East Oahu. Too hot...and bad drivers! Lived in Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Kauai. We should have a get together sometime, so we can all watch dramas together. Then we can shout out translations! :cheers: Good places to rent asian D...
by wewa
Aug 14th, '06, 01:37
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Junjou Kirari xvid playback on set top DVD player anyone?
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Junjou Kirari xvid playback on set top DVD player anyone?

Hello, My family is enjoying the current asadora Junjou Kirari, on NGN cable. But after seeing the xvid version here, god, the detail is just stunning. Almost makes me want to cancel NGN... I have about a half-dozen 'divx compatible' dvd players in my closet. Philips, Oppo, LG, Zenith, RCA, and a fe...
by wewa
Aug 4th, '06, 02:13
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Yada Akiko
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Akiko Yada no more?

Its really true, girls like bad boys
by wewa
Jul 25th, '06, 20:16
Forum: Life & Relationships
Topic: Is it possible for a guy and a girl to be just friends?
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No. Only exceptions are if the guy is gay, or the girl fugly

Leykis 101 students know that we do not wanna be friends with women. We tell women that we are their friends in order to hopefully get in there and nail them, ultimatley. That's the only reason we do it. Unless they're gay. Those men that are gay, well maybe they do want to be friends with these chi...
by wewa
Jul 20th, '06, 19:41
Forum: Japanese Actors & Actresses
Topic: Kuroki Hitomi
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Yes she is a bijin jyoyu (pretty actress)

Filmography: I would recommend Good Luck! and Oyaji is nice too. Looks like they're both currently being seeded. The freaky thing, is that I was wat...
by wewa
Mar 17th, '06, 23:35
Forum: Japanese Culture & Entertainment
Topic: Japan's missed opportunity The spread of Kdrama to the west
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Japan's missed opportunity The spread of Kdrama to the west

I read this article, and I fantasize, that J is substituted for K... I am both happy and sad at the same time. Being in Hawaii, I am glad that we have opportunities such as having great resources such as J and K video sh...